Welcome and thank you for your interest in summer speech tutoring for your child. Summer speech tutoring provides targeted skill building in a COVID friendly, virtual environment.
Below are some frequently asked questions about summer speech tutoring. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to sign-up and provide your contact information. ​​​​​​​
Why choose summer speech tutoring: Summer tutoring provides consistency for your child. We will work on skills that they work on during the school year. Tutoring promotes carryover and decreases the likelihood of the summer slide.
Why is it virtual: Due to COVID restrictions, shared public space is difficult to obtain this summer. Virtual sessions allow me to provide services to students regardless of their health and location.
What skills are targeted during tutoring: Articulation, language (receptive and expressive), social language, language for problem solving, vocabulary and alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)
Can I share my child's IEP: If you would like to share your child's IEP with me for tutoring, a release will be provided to accommodate this request. Sharing your child's IEP is not required for tutoring
What technology do you use for tutoring: Google Meet is the primary platform for tutoring, but I can accommodate other platforms if required including Zoom, Skype
How do you pay for services: I accept payment through my private practice using Paypal, Venmo or Apple Pay. I am not billing insurance at this time for tutoring.
Do we have to meet every week: I will work with you to understand your schedule for the summer including any planned vacations
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